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Our First Interview May 11, 2004

Nineteen 5 - With Christine, Aaron (unavailable), Brad, Kevin
Written by Angela - Posted officially (10/04) at RocketNet Webzine


Nineteen 5 - Blind Eye Gone

a Review by Angela posted officially at: Rocknet Webzine

This is a band out of Seattle. I really enjoyed this CD. Christine Wayne is the vocalist for the band and she is really fantastic. She reminds of you so many people. Ann Wilson, Joan Jett, and Courtney Love all kind of rolled up into one. It's very melodic music and the tunes are very catchy. You catch yourself nodding in time to the rhythm and singing along to the lyrics. Definitely a fresh sound coming out of the Seattle music scene and most definitely not grunge. Not that the grunge didn't have some good bands like Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots. However I like the new direction their scene is taking.

Interview June 1, 2004

Nineteen 5 - With Christine, Aaron, Brad, Kevin
Written by Elizabeth Benavidez - Posted officially at Artsy-Noise.

Who are some of your musical influences?
Christine: Janis Joplin, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Chris Cornell, Concrete Blonde, Blondie.
Brad: Geddy Lee, Chris Squire.
Aaron: Deen Castronovo, Journey, Ozzy, Neil Peart of rush, and current stuff too.
Kevin: Van Halen, Pearl Jam, Kurt Cobain.

Where did the name of your band come from?
Christine: We took it from a space coordinate.
Kevin: Itís taken from a sci-fi theory about the sphinx and the coordinates on mars/ like Stargate the movie.

How long have you guys been together?
Christine: 3 years.

What are your favorite bands now?
Christine: A local Seattle band called KUMA, A Perfect Circle, the Darkness.
Brad: Rush and Yes.
Aaron: Trapt, Kevin Dunn.
Kevin: Foo Fighters, Dave Mathews, Franz Ferdinand.

Which do you want more, a Moon Man or a Grammy?
Christine: Grammy. Grammy is more legit it would mean more.

If everything were to stop right now, what one thing would you, as a band like to be remembered for?
Christine: Our diverse musicianship.
Brad: Our amps go up to 12.
Kevin: That we were passionate and worked hard.

Out of all the venues you've played which is your favorite?
Christine: The Fenix.
Brad: Fenders, great stage great sound loved it.
Kevin: Hard Rock cafť LA.
Aaron: The Fenix and Central.

If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be?
Kevin: Music should be more affordable. It should be 8.99 for a cd, especially when you can buy a movie for 16 bucks, but cds can be as high 17 18 bucks these days.
Brad: Less marketing push to anyone who will buy it and a push for quality song writing. Music was better along time ago and it mean more. Now a days kids donít get a good quality lyrically itís what ever you can put a shiny glossy coat on it.
Christine: More indie labels with more emphasis like how sub pop was in the day people that are doing the work themselves yet having a team to help assist, ect. More of these indie labels are growing and it seems that they are really there for the little guys "so to speak" and they have the financial muscle. The term sell your soul makes sense b/c musicians nowadays will do about anything for a contract and they give up everything in their life for that.
Aaron: Good answer. More about the music lets about the product.

If you could be a member of one 80s band who would it be?
Brad: Flock of Seagulls I would have hopefully steered them in other direction.
Christine: Robert Smith of The Cure or Siouxsie.
Kevin: Eddie Van Halen.
Aaron: Motley Crue, play Tommy Lee.

Give two words to describe the other guys in your band.
Aaron: Alarm Clock
Christine: Hard working perfectionists
Brad: Retentive and Anal. Not necessarily in that order.
Kevin: Fun Loving, Talented and Patient,Fu%#ing Dork.

Is there any song you hate to perform? If so, which one?
Brad: The only thing I can think of is thinking thoughts itís a great song but something about it sometimes it too slow or something. Maybe b/c things are so dreary and rainy around.

What is your favorite song off of one of your CDs?
Brad: Seven Sisters
Kevin: Lollipop Eyes
Aaron: Music Box Past
Christine: Satellites

How did you prepare for recording?
Christine: Lots of chocolate and water
Brad: Made sure we had enough material. We went in with basic rough stuff and wrote in the studio
Kevin: Having the material. Weíre all professional or we like to think we are so itís not a big mental thing that goes on. We have a plan, we have goals and have what we want to get done, and we go in to it knowing all those details.
Christine: Big rule of thumb was and is my memorization. What is vocally going where. When you feel rushed, you wonder if certain lines will fit, and if youíre on a time crunch that can be a challenge, also making sure my lyrics are correct.

What was the hardest part of recording?
-Paying the check, knowing when to say when

Are you signed to a label or are you DIY'ing it?
-DIY, DIY records

Now that you have a cd out do you see an increase in your show attendance/fan base?

Who would you like to tour with?
Aaron: The Beatles
Brad: Thereís a lot of great local artists playing w/ KUMA so weíre in agreement that that would be a great tour.
Christine: Evanessance
Kevin: Foo fighters they have such a hard driving dynamic show.
Christine: I second that. All agree Foo fighters.

What advice would you give to younger/new musicians looking to record for the first time?
Aaron: Relax and have fun. That would be my advice, go in there prepared.
Kevin: Higher Geoff Ott and listen to him.
Brad: Work w/ a good producer and accept what they have to say.
Christine: Have someone there to help w/ creative structure. Be prepared with all your tools, know your lines and donít think itís going to have happen overnight because if you want a good recording you are going to give it your all.
-Check the alcohol at the door.

When you become famous what would you order to have in your dressing room?
Kevin: Chocolate & Water
Aaron: Water
Brad: I would never order anything to be in my dressing room I donít need anything.
Christine: I would go ahead and have the green M&Ms and my mango peeled. No Iím kidding Iíd have water. I sweat profusely after the show so big towels. Water and towels.

If you where trapped on a deserted island what one CD or record would you want with you?
Kevin: Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti
Aaron: Led Zeppelin 4 w/ a CD player.
Christine: Madonnaís - True Blue HA!
Brad: Pink Floyd - the wall

If you could knock out anyone with your instrument who would it be?
Brad: I respect my instrument to much to hit any body with it.
Kevin: Probably an ex band mate somewhere in there.
Aaron: Nobody drums are too expensive now.
Christine: A celebrity of some sort. Iím getting myself in trouble now. Michael Jackson might like that actually. Iíd have to bop Christina Aguliera on the head with my mic and say put clothes on chicka.

What's the most embarrassing CD you own?
Kevin: Mili Vanli
Brad: Iíve got a lot but Iím going to pick one Debbie Gibson out of the blue.
Aaron: Melay, I got one of their CDs. All my CDs are embarrassing.
Christine: Men In Black 2 the sound track.

What's your favorite show tune?
Kevin: Speed Racer and an American in Paris
Aaron: I Dream of Jeannie
Brad: The theme from Carmen
Christine: Annie ďThe Sun Will Come Out TomorrowĒ

What's your favorite children's book?
Kevin: Where The Wild Things Are
Aaron: A Friend Is Someone Who Likes You
Christine: Everybody Poops.
Brad: The Whoís classic One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.

What's the worst band on the radio? Please narrow down to one.
Brad: Creed
Kevin: Maybe Franz Ferdinand. Probably not, but it was some performance type group but I didnít like it.
Christine: Maroon 5 rubs me the wrong way.

How's the local music scene?
Brad: Much better.
Christine: It's good, could get better with more alternative rock and N5 on board.
Brad: Itís getting better, thereís some good stuff coming out of Seattle.
Kevin: I think thereís a lot of genre diversity right now. Thereís a shift in the air. Itís like a flour sifter. Thereís a lot for different sounds coming through. I think a lot of people have an eye on it, to see what comes out and where it goes.

Any last words?
-Thank you

Nineteen 5 - Blind Eye Gone

a Review by Elizabeth Benavidez posted officially at: Artsy Noise

The CD started with the vocalist doing one of those ohhohhhohhh things. I didnít really like that much. Itís cool if it fits in the song but I didnít like it as being the opener for the first track and therefore the CD. It opened the second song as well but seemed to flow better. Christine (vocals) has an amazing voice which I really enjoyed. It reminded me of what Alanis Morriset might have sounded if she kept the anger and edge to her voice instead of her new mellow sound. There arenít many local female vocals that I really react to as often they all start to sound the same but I really liked Christineís voice, very powerful and easy to listen to, much older sounding and original. The CD included a few guest artists on some tracks which I thought was really cool. The cover art is of an Egyptian women in front of some pyramids and the booklet includes lyrics which are worth the read. Track 8 is a lot of fun as Kevin (guitar) joins Christine for backing vocals and not only is it a great song but his parts are fun and sporadic. Cool booklet and cover art grabs you attention and gets you to look but the music is what keeps you interested, if you donít own this CD you might want to get on it because Iím hoping for a lot from this band.

Nineteen 5 - 'Blind Eye Gone'

a Review by Jacquee posted officially at: Northwest Bands

Nineteen Five, a female lead band out of Mount Lake Terrace released their album; Blind Eye Gone in 2003.
Their album displays their intense interest in Egypt and the Egyptian culture. Nineteen 5 is: an anomalous coordinate linking hyper-dimensional tetrahedral geometry to the face on Mars, the pyramids, and structures on the dark side of the moon.
Many songs on this album are difficult to listen to because the vocals make up so much of the music, and the lyrics are difficult to understand. The songs seem to jump about in underlining topics, or are about the Egyptian culture. The songs also have just about every other word drawn out by vocalist, Christine Wayne. The "yeahs" are extremely over done, to the point of annoyance.
Guitarist Kevin Watkins skill is best displayed in track 6, thinkin' thoughts. He shows pretty raw aggression through out the song. Though drums and guitar both sound rather novice. Vocals are over the top on each song, seemingly making up for the lacking instrument intricacy, or vice versa.
This band would not be half bad if they cut down the drawn out vocals and tried more intricate instrumental arrangements.
You almost have to be as enthusiastic about Egyptian culture to appreciate the band. I think it safe to assume people such as that are few and far between.

NINETEEN5 Ė 'Blind eye Gone'

by Suzi B. posted officially at: All Music Project

Here is a fact: Mix of Hard rock, pop and marvelous voice of Christine Wayne.

Nineteen5 is definitely a band of new ear. A metal-tinged rock band with a heartbreaking singer. Christine demands you attention with the very first second she belts out her powerful vocals. In many ways Christineís voice will remind you of Janis Joplin, a voice mix of sexy chick, strength, command and praise. Loud  as any metal band is, but prevailing as any voice should be. 

You can't help but notice the rhythm and beats that Kevin, Brand and Aaron squeeze out of their instruments. The music they give you, is as strong as Christineís voice and I must say that all combined together is what gives the power and groove to Ninteen5 and builds their art of music.

SATELLITES: is very simple at lyrics, but will bring out your imagination . I listened to this song more than one time, and each time it brought something new to my visualization. It made me fly and jump in a rhythm of a beat and also gave you a 'universal' feeling. 

DOWN: is a song about sad emotions. Feeling down over the loss, lost of a loved one ( person, thing). The thirst and hunger that we feel, when the love is gone and we long for it and also the fight over this Ďaddictioní that we are going through. Up and down on a rocket of emotions. 

LOLLIPOP EYES: This is not so sweet song as lollipop is, but definitely is a song that you have to hear and one thing I am sure of, it will make you think and will bring the bets out of it, even that many times is not a case in todayís world.

When you listen to their songs, you will go back in time to the 60ís where all songs have so many emotions that you could get lost in them so easy. Nineteen5 shows you anger, happiness, hope and love, they open up in front of you and give you all they have. It is up to you what to do with it, but believe me, you will go back and listen over and over, when you come to the point that Christine will not need to demand your attention, but you will crave more of Nineteen5.

Make sure to visit Nineteen5's website, a vast band from Seattle. http://www.nineteen5.com  and  you will see that their music is just what you have been looking and waiting for.

"Blind Eye Gone"  by Nineteen 5

a Review by Anna Maria Stjšrnell posted officially at: Collected Sounds

Nineteen 5's raucous rock comes across strongly on this debut. Christine Wayne's raw-throated vocals have what it takes and the songs are powerful.

"Seven Sisters" features that voice at its best and has melodic hooks that stick with you. It sounds like a hit single.

"Lollipop Eyes" is another great song. "Kevin Watkins" guitar playing is truly exceptional here.

"Satellites" has Wayne sounding like Courtney Love's long lost sister. The song's relentlessly catchy chorus makes it even better.

"Happy Freaks" goes from soft verses to loud choruses in a good way.

The closer "Fear" is dynamic and slightly scary.

"Blind Eye Gone" is a strong debut.

Nineteen 5 @ Hard Rock Cafť

By: Noele Shannon (Rock City News) 1/28/04

Much like the weather Seattle displays on any given day, natives Nineteen 5 drenched L.A. 's Hard Rock Cafť with their groove laden metal tinged rock recently.

Fronted by dynamic female vocalist Christine Wayne who commands attention from the very first note out of her mouth, the band work well as a unit and show no mercy to strangers.

The remainder of the band made up of Kevin Watkins, Brad Harriss and Aaron Barber took no prisoners as they opened with the powerful track "Seven Sisters" and plowed through each song in their set with boundless energy and charisma. The band was lucky to nab up a prime time slot due to another band canceling out, which I believe definitely kept the crowd around (even on a Sunday night).

This being my first time to see Nineteen 5 live I have to point out key songs that really stuck with me... "Down" the first track on the bands BLIND EYE GONE CD is a melodic rock oriented tune with an intense chorus.  The vocal styling's of Christine can't be compared to anyone on the market currently which makes listening to her a unique experience indeed, (though according to the bands website she sites Siouxsie Sioux, Ann and Nancy Wilson and Janis Joplin as influences).

Other songs worthy of mention were Lollipop Eyes and Satellites though I have to mention the KICK ASS cover they did of What's Going On by 4 Non Blondes. OMG talk about stellar! I got goose bumps watching the balls to wall delivery of this song... 

I love to see bands from out of state perform in our neck of the woods just to get a feel for what is going on outside of Tinsel town. From what I can tell N5 has generated quite the buzz online, it'll be interesting to see where they wind up next. Thanks for the memorable show and please visit LA again soon! For more info visit http://www.nineteen5.com

After twenty some years in the business of music I have learned to pay attention to both my ears and my head. While hosting a benefit for the homeless in the Seattle area I was privileged to listen to twelve of the areas best bar bands. Halfway through the event I had become used to great skill and absolute professional level talent. I was not prepared for the impact of Nineteen 5. This small quartet (is it possible for four people to make that much sound?) didn't just raise the performance bar in the hall they reminded a dozen older and more experienced musicians what drew them to the anarchy that is truly rock and roll. I watched as band after band abandoned their pizzas and drinks in the back and wandered out to watch these passionate young heathens fill the place with fire. This was not your fathers rock and roll, but it was. It was the noise of youth, of lust, of anger, and of no small despair. This is what it felt like to be in Hamburg in 1962 when those boys from Liverpool played. Perhaps this is what it felt like to be in Linz in 1762 when Mozart first played in public.

The truth is that Nineteen 5's music is not just about sound - Nineteen 5's music is about passion and passion is the voice of the gods.

[Jim Burrows - 12/2003]

Watch out Courtney Love there's a new girl in town... Seattle based, and female fronted Nineteen 5 are here to show they can rock with the best of em and have come to kick your ass.  Energy, angst and pure un-adultered lyrics ooze from the heart and soul of singer Christine Wayne as she commands your attention with haunting vocals on tracks such as: Satellites, Down and Lollipop Eyes.

Mesmerizing guitar licks provided by Kevin Watkins and a rock solid rhythm section courtesy of Brad Hariss & Aaron Barber suck you into a whirlpool of a ride. This band doesn't stop until you are drenched from head to toe. Purely magical and undoubtedly prepared to take the world by storm, the combination of well crafted music, high octane tunes and impressive delivery will leave you craving more.  Nineteen 5, keep an eye to the sky!

[Noele Shannon. - 12/29/2003]

Pay Attention because Nineteen 5 wants you too! These khats come out with energy and style all their own. Don't think so? Guess again. Fusing hard rock, pop and groove with vocals reminiscent of Janis Joplin, vocalist Christine Wayne will kick start your heart with magnetic energy, amazing stage antics (similar to David Lee Roth) and soul. YES! Soul. Hear it in the beats, feel it in the wail of Kevin's guitar and sing along like you know you should.

[Chyna Stone - 12/07/2003]

Nineteen 5 puts on a great show! The energy of the lead singer, Christine Wayne commands the attention of the entire audience. How she can jump around the stage for the whole set and still hold a note is a mystery to me. In an age of pop punk and rock bands N5's original Seattle sound is a breath of fresh air. If you ever have an extra five bucks on a Saturday night I guarantee it won't be wasted on this band.

[Jessica F. - 9/7/2002]

Adam had heard about this pizza place in Georgetown, that's supposed to be the new "hot spot", and we were hungies, so we went. Stella was closed, but the Industrial Cafe next door was open and some band was going balls-out. There were like 10 people in the place. The band playing was Nineteen Five, and the lead singer chick was singing and giving a show like it was for 10,000 people.

The Georgetown Industrial Cafe is supposed to be this underground place where bands start out before playing gigs downtown. We actually had a GREAT time making fun of people (with love), then got to meet all the band and the previous Band Black Powder.....actually that's when we realized that 4 of the 10 were the previous band LOL. Christine came over and gave us N5 Fun Packs which included a CD (in a zip lock), stapled to a lunch bag with goodies inside...I got 2 pair of Ghetto Strings!! *wOOt* They are playing at The Vogue on the 20th, she's got a great voice and a stage presence I can't even describe...whoa.

[Pyrallis - 8/11/2002]

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