www.ottmusic.com (Things recorded in Seattle)

www.gogirlsmusic.com (Things Chick Rock)

www.rockrgrl.com (Things Chick Rock)

www.valvesoftware.com (Things Innovative)

www.moviepoopshoot.com (Things)

RipSpacer (Things Northwest Rocking)

www.kingdoom.com (Things No longer in Seattle)

www.threeimaginarygirls.com (Things Imaginary in Seattle)

www.mamafest.org (Things for a cause in Seattle)

www.theveraproject.org (Things for All Ages Seattle)

theicarusproject.net (Things between Brilliance and Madness)

www.xfacts.com (Things Nineteen 5-meanings behind the name)

www.guitaraxis.com (Things Guitar Learned)

(Things GIG Art)

www.thetubestore.com (Things Amplifier Tubes)

www.123stickers.com (Things Stickers)

www.harmony-central.com (Things Powered Music)

www.seattle.com (Things Seattle)

www.seattleweekly.com (Things Seattle in Print)

www.seattlepi.com (Things Seattle in Print)

www.laweekly.com (Things LA in Print)

www.thestranger.com (Things Seattle in Print)

www.straight.com (Things Vancouver-BC in Print)

www.newtimesla.com (Things LA in Print)

www.campuscircle.net (Things LA in Print)

www.seattlemetal.com (Things Metal Music in Seattle)

www.andysavage.com (Things Music in Seattle)

www.giantradio.com (Things Music in Seattle)

www.themusic.com (Things Music)

www.forceweb.com (Things Music)

www.nwmusicsource.com (LIST Things Music in The NW)

www.northwestmusic.net (LIST Things Music in The NW)

www.1077theend.com (Radio Music in Seattle)

www.kisw.com (Radio Music in Seattle)

www.kzok.com (Radio Music in Seattle)

www.kexp.org ('kcmu' Radio Music in Seattle)

www.funkymonkey1049.fm (Radio Music in Tacoma)

www.rock945.com (Radio Music in Spokane)

www.kufo.com (Radio Music in Portland)

www.kroq.com (Radio Music in LA)

www.emplive.com (Statements in Seattle)

www.indieavenue.com (It's About the Bands, Shows & Music)

www.indie-music.com (It's About the Music)

www.musicdish.com  (Things Music Dish, Industry e-Journal)

Decapitado (like this Milwaukee band)

VH (like this LA band)

www.probands.com (Bands, Booking, Venues)

www.bigdipperwaxworks.com (Things Big Dipper Wax)

www.newburyport.com (Things Nineteen 5 - Zip Code 01950 - )

www.ancientx.com (Things Ancient ;)

www.InnocentWords.com (Things Music and Print)

www.danielwooddesign.com (CD Art Design)

http://www.kiddofspeed.com (Things that make you go Um!)

CERN (Things that make you go Um!)

www.seriousillustration.com (Things Very Cool Art)


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