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How did it Happen?

Subsequent to a previous band dissolution, Kevin and a newly positioned drummer - Chris Rockwell decided they had much in common musically. They decided to start a music project together. A search for a singer and bass player ensued. Chris being a MBA in Sales and Marketing took the search by the reigns. They placed an advertisement for a singer and bass player in The Stranger magazine. A hundred or so singers' called. They auditioned three. One of which was Reece Crider. They clicked with Reece and selected him as the front man. The band needed a bass player. With twenty or so responses received and six or seven auditioned, one particular RAT - Anthony Morris rocked. He became the bass player. Anthony could also carry a tune.

Band formed - 4/1/01.

The band needed a name. Each person came up with ideas and wrote them down. Conceptually they all had an interest in sci-fi, space and conspiracies. Anthonyís list of ideas contained the name: 19.5. They loved it.

Name selected - 'Nineteen 5'

By now, the band (Chris R., Anthony, Reece and Kevin) had a few songs and were preparing to perform live, and complete other professional band goals. Then Reece bailed town for unknown reasons. Shortly thereafter, the fall of the DOT COMís forced Chris R. to return home to Northern California with his family. Anthony and Kevin now had a choice to make-Part wayís or continue the project.

A decision to continue was made. They decided to not be limited in their search for band mates and to create as much a family in this music project as possible.

Kevin knew a drummer - Ken Blessing. Ken agreed to audition. Near the same time, Anthony had come across an advertisement placed on Seattlemusician.com by a female vocalist-enter Christine Wayne. They all communicated for a week or so before deciding to meet. The sci-fi, space, conspiracy theory band name still fit with everyone. They meet one Saturday afternoon in Fremont June 23, 2001. They got along and decided to make a go of playing together-Things went well: Nineteen 5 was again rolling.

After a while things began to get weird-Ken left the band and Christine, Kevin and Anthony played with a new drummer-Steve Andrew. Things just werenít the same. Stylistically we just didnít match. Steve left the band to pursue a different musical direction.

Ken began a new project or two and time drug on. After a while Kevin called Ken and asked him to meet with the band to discuss their plight. Ken agreed. Once again, they met in Fremont and decided to give it another try as a band.

Nineteen 5 played their first live show on December 27, 2001.  The set consisted of five songs- Dum-Dumb, Happy Freaks, Nineteen Five, Preservatives and Thinkin' Thoughts.

In 2002 they performed more than 50 live shows.

On February 2, 5 & 15, 2002, the band and Greg Williamson recorded and mixed a four-song demo titled, "They Sent a Beam of Light as They Landed".  The four songs; Dum-Dumb, Happy Freaks, Nineteen Five, Preservatives were completed in 30-hours over three working sessions.  One hundred sixty copies of the CD were packaged and distributed.

Just after a show in Portland, OR. - March 22nd, 2003 - Anthony decided he needed to spend more time with his wife and son. Sadly, for the band that meant he had to leave Nineteen 5.

The band was scheduled April 6 & 7, 2003, to lay down the initial Drum and Bass tracks for our first full length CD titled, "Blind Eye Gone". They hired Geoff Ott - http://www.ottmusic.com - as the producer and Avast Studio in Seattle had been booked. Crossroads? Kevin contacted a few previous band mates. Brad Harriss a talented multi-instrumentalist agreed to write bass lines for 10 songs - in 2 weeks - and to practice with the band for the recording sessions.**The 11th song was a last minute addition to the CD. They finished writing it in the studio on April 7th, 2003- FEAR turned out nicely. The other 10 songs were: Down (formerly Dum-Dumb), Seven Sisters, Think' Thoughts, Lollipop Eye's, Satellites, Happy Freaks, Rainbow, Joni's Revenge and Evilution.

With the bass and drums on disk, they spent the next few months at Geoff's studio (Ottmusic) recording guitar, vocals and mixing the songs. Near completion of the recording sessions, Ken's friend Nic Le Ban lent some skills to three tunes - Lollipop Eye's, Seven Sisters and the bass breakdown on Fear.

It was time to start a serious search for a bass player. They posted some ads on the Internet and The Stranger. The very first response June 25, 2003, was from Wes Griswold. The band and Wes clicked. Enter Wes Griswold - Bass and backing vocals.

After a few weeks, things began to get weird for the band. Ken was getting married soon and the demands of life and family began to take their toll. On August 8, 2003, Ken decided to follow Anthony's lead and leave the band to spend more time with his wife and sons.

The band needed a drummer. Again, they posted some ads on the Internet and The Stranger. A co-worker of Wes' referred a drummer. They auditioned Aaron on September 2, 2003. Aaron's talent and personality was a perfect fit. The band had fulfilled the vacancy in the percussion department. Commence Aaron Barber on drums.

As a few weeks passed and things weren't going well between Wes and the band. Due to creative and personality differences, Wes left the band to pursue other interests.

Having a vacancy in the bass player position, Kevin contacted a previous band mate - Mike Hunnicutt. On September 17, 2003, Mike and the band agreed to play for a while together to see if the partnership would work. A few shows and practices later, life and the 100-mile distance between Mike and the band proved too much and they parted ways.

Having been in contact with Brad since the Blind Eye Gone recordings, Kevin asked Brad if he was interested in playing bass in the band. After seeing the band perform live, Brad said he had seriously considered it. On December 1, 2003, possessing an uncanny ability to provide a simple yet intricate bass line to the sound of the band - and backing vocals - Brad Harriss became the bass player for Nineteen 5.

Today, there is a strong camaraderie and kinship between the band members. The music has never been tighter. The new material is consistent with the bands energy and unique sound, evolving as the band grows.

On Wednesday August 31st, 2005 the band entered 'Hidden Jewel Studio' and began writing and pre-producing new material.

November 1st, 2008 after 2 Years in the Making - The Album "BEG To Differ" was completed.  The disc was recorded, mixed and produced Geoff Ott (co-produced by Nineteen 5). We recorded @ London Bridge Studio - Seattle and the recording was mastered by Mark Guenther @ Seattle Disc Mastering.

As life and its pursuits takes time from us, the band has found new friends to keep the passion of LIVE Performance and THE MUSIC going.

In 2009, the band welcomed Robert Baker on Bass.  Initially, this would be to accompany the band while performing live.  Brad play keyboards and his great guitar licks; as performed on the Beg to Differ recording.  

As time dwindled in scope for some of us, Robert continued to play bass.  Live shows continued to call us to the stage.  In February 2010 Nate Burch was added on lead and 2nd rhythm guitar.  At the same time Mark D. West was added on drums.

Robert was on vacation and Geoff Ott stepped in to play bass for a show at the Central Saloon May 14, 2010.

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The Band Name ?

We are asked all the time the meaning of Nineteen 5. These are the examples we give to people (this is the long version).

Based on the movie "Stargate" an archeologist unearths an ancient structure on the Giza Plateau in Egypt. Years of research go by & it is determined that the hieroglyphs on this massive circular object are Egyptian & extraterrestrial at the same time. A specialist is called in to decipher & cracks the code on the gate. The gate is finally programmed with the last coordinate that has been the missing piece of the puzzle. The gate aligns as it turns on and opens up a celestial pathway to another planet on the opposite side of our known galaxy, that humankind on this planet knows nothing of. A designated crew of our people travels forth through the Stargate to a "sister" planet and well, we find others very similar to us back on earth. Amazing to imagine that the universe is a massive place only just for one small species to reside. Hmm. The 19.5-degree coordinate is everywhere is the solar system & is significant on other planets and on this planet, the great pyramids & the angle of the river Nile is found and bends at 19.5 degrees. The so-called "Face on Mars" & Martian pyramids are found at 19.5- degrees. Our own universe also rotates on an axis of 19.5 degrees. The list goes on.

(this is the short version).

In a movie called Stargate: An ancient space gateway is found in the country of Egypt. A scientist is called in to crack the secret code on the gate. He unlocks the gate, turns it on and it turns into a space time-tunnel. Our people travel through the tunnel, it whooshes them off to another planet somewhere else in the galaxy, with people on it that look a lot like us humans, and they are friendly ( :


























































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