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Kevin "SKINNY" Watkins

Guitar and Backing Vocals + (Flux Capacitor)

Date of Birth: 10/31

Place of Birth: Seattle, WA.

Hobbies: Music, Movies, and Sports cars

Gear: Gibson & Ibanez guitars, Mesa Engineering

From birth, music has always been my passion. My first interest in the guitar began at age five. It wasn't until age sixteen that I purchased my first guitar. I would hook up small speakers to my amp just to fry 'em. From that time on the guitar was a major part of my life. With each trip around the sun the exploits grew. From angry neighbors to fascinated friends-the music progressed. I believe music is an expression of emotion. When an artist can create an 'emotional' bond with its audience-the result is a release. . My contribution to, and the vehicle for my musical expression of music, is derived from emotion.  Combined with natural passion and the experiences life has provided (or forsaken) me with.  I'm told this articulates a tuneful output ranging from the aggressive to the sweet soulful ballad.  Having a valued appreciation for music and the arts, many  "artists" have contributed to my style.

Previous endeavors: Sweaterman, Middle Earth, NEILA.

When chickens dream, they can fly.  -Kevin




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